Planting Services

Innovative Companies provides residential and commercial planting services in Cleveland, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Choose one service like mulching, or our full-service planting for a comprehensive plant installation process.

Design Services

Some plants need plenty of room to grow and bright light for most of the day. Others thrive under the shade canopy of native trees. When we design a landscape for you, we locate the best place on your property for plants to thrive and design a complete tableau with native plants and hardscaping projects.

Plant Selection

The best plants for your landscape design aren’t just those that have the most visual appeal. The selection goes deeper, starting with the soil type on your property. We take into account the pH of your soil as well as the amount of drainage in the area. 

Once we know more about the soil type, we consider the amount of sunlight well as the size of your property. All of these factors help us with the plant selection process.

Full-Service Planting

Once we select the best plants for your landscape design, we move forward with planting. Our team has the tools and knowledge to plant flowers, shrubs, and even trees so that they take root and thrive. We make sure each plant has the right amount of sun exposure and proper drainage to prevent erosion and root rot.


You can choose mulching as a standalone service or as the finishing touch after we install all of your new plants. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture and can inhibit weed growth.

We can use brown or black dyed mulch to create the finished look. We use natural mulch for gardens to benefit both the plants and the environment.

Let us create a landscape that boosts curb appeal using native plants and professional planting techniques. Reach out of Innovative Companies to begin the design process.

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