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Variety of trees, shrubs, flowers. We also sell everything you need to prevent erosion, promote healthy soil, and put the finishing touches on your landscaping project.


Organic mulch can improve soil conditions by adding nutrients and retaining moisture. You can choose mulch that is dyed black or brown to match the design aesthetic of your landscaping. There are several types of organic mulch to choose from. The best type of natural mulch depends on the needs of the surrounding plants and the composition of the soil on your property.

  • Wood Chips: Derived from various tree species, wood chips are a popular and cost-effective mulching option. They block sunlight, preventing weeds from growing. 
  • Bark Mulch: Made from the outer layers of trees, natural bark mulch breaks down slowly, helping to retain soil moisture longer than other types of mulch.
  • Pine Needles: Ideal for acid-loving plants like azaleas and rhododendrons, pine needles contribute to soil acidity.
  • Leaf Mulch: As leaves decompose, they add nutrients to the soil. Leaf mulch is readily available and can be easily created by composting or shredding leaves.
  • Compost: A nutrient-rich blend of organic matter, compost serves as both a mulch and soil amendment. It can improve soil health and reduce the spread of plant disease.

Leaf Humus

For garden beds and other areas with nutrient-depleted soil, leaf humus is a great addition. It’s made from decayed leaves and other organic matter. Mixing leaf humus with your existing soil can create better airflow and encourage healthy root growth. The rich, dark color makes your garden beds look fresh and well cared for all season long. 


Healthy topsoil is vital when it comes to plant growth. The topsoil layer ranges from two to eight inches thick. Soil gets depleted over time, and topsoil is a great way to reintroduce a high concentration of nutrients over time. There are different topsoil varieties to choose from, including clay, loam, and pete. 

Stone and Aggregates

Stone and aggregate come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, offering endless design possibilities. From pathways and driveways to retaining walls and decorative features, these materials can be used to create focal points and add visual interest to your outdoor spaces.

Unlike organic materials, stone and aggregate are resistant to weathering, erosion, and pest damage.

Properly installed stone and aggregate elements require minimal maintenance, making them ideal for high-traffic areas and landscapes with low maintenance requirements. Gravel and crushed stone promote thorough drainage and prevent erosion on sloped terrain. 

Firewood Sales and Delivery

It can be challenging to find firewood on a regular basis. Innovative Companies will deliver chopped firewood to your property. Once we arrive, we will stack the firewood safely, so you can access the pile without worrying about it falling.

Our team can provide outdoor materials for your next project, or we can design a whole new landscape from the ground up. Contact Innovative Companies by filling out our contact form or by calling 440-485-3470.

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