Sports Field Maintenance

All types of sports fields need regular maintenance to play the game according to official rules and to keep players safe. Over time, clay and dirt can become compacted, creating an uneven playing field. Grass grows quickly and needs regular mowing to meet regulations. Innovative Companies offers sports field construction and maintenance in Cleveland, Ohio, and the surrounding areas.

Baseball Field Construction

Baseball field construction involves several steps to create a suitable playing surface. Here’s a general overview of the process:

Clearing and Grading: The construction process starts with clearing the site of any obstructions such as trees, rocks, or debris. Next, grading creates a level playing surface and encourages proper drainage. 

Field Layout: The next step is to mark the boundaries of the field using string, chalk, or stakes. That includes the foul lines, baselines, pitcher’s mound, and infield/outfield areas. 

Drainage Systems: A waterlogged field could postpone games. A drainage system prevents excess water from remaining on the field after heavy rain.

Field Surface: You can choose to seed the outfield, lay sod, or even install artificial turf. The best choice depends on your budget and preferences.

Baseball Field Renovation

If your baseball field has deteriorated after several years of use or after a period of inactivity, our renovation service will restore it to playing condition. We will remove any debris on the field, including weeds and fallen leaves.

We will level the infield and inspect the outfield to assess the condition of the grass. We will reseed or lay new sod where necessary to create an even layer of grass throughout the area. Our renovation services restore your baseball field to prepare for the upcoming season.

Baseball Field Grooming and Lining

Grooming and lining keeps your baseball field in good condition all season. We mow the outfield to keep the grass at an appropriate level. We remove the bases and “scarify” the infield, breaking up any compacted areas.

Next, we smooth out the area. Our team finishes service by lining the field, including baselines, coaching boxes, and the pitcher’s plate.

Sports Field Mowing and Maintenance

Regularly mowing your baseball and soccer field helps the grass at an appropriate length for playing. How often you need to schedule mowing depends on the type of grass and how often the field is used. Innovative Companies has the right equipment to mow large spaces like sports fields.

Sports Field Maintenance

The grass on your baseball, soccer, or other type of field needs maintenance throughout the season to stay in good condition. In addition to mowing, the field could need fertilization, aeration, or turf repair. Contact Innovative Companies to discuss your needs and our maintenance services. 

Outdoor Volleyball Installation

There are several options for outdoor volleyball courts, including sand, grass, asphalt, concrete, or specialized outdoor volleyball court tiles. Each surface has its own advantages and considerations, such as cost and maintenance requirements.

We can install the court of your choice, fitting the standard volleyball court measurements. We will also install the net and line the court with all necessary markings.

Large Area Aeration

Aerating large areas helps strong root systems to form. It also ensures nutrition and water penetrate deep enough to encourage healthy growth. We use a lawn aerator to efficiently treat large areas. Covering the area horizontally and then vertically provides even coverage and loosens any compacted areas.

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