Design and Build 

Innovative Companies provides comprehensive landscape design services in Cleveland, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Our team provides everything you need, from site prep through to outdoor lighting installation. After the installation process is complete, we can continue to care for your property with our site maintenance services.

Landscape Design Consultation

The design process begins with a consultation. We evaluate the space and discuss your vision and your future needs. Our team creates a custom plan for each client. The goal is a streamlined installation process and customized service from start to finish.

Grading and Excavating

Grading and excavating prepare the property for installation. Excavating removes rocks and other debris from the area. In areas that run the risk of not draining properly, grading creates slopes and contours to help prevent erosion. 

Hardscaping Projects

Part of a complete landscape design is installing hardscaping projects. Hardscaping is anything in the landscape design made of non-living materials. 

Retaining Walls

We design and install retaining walls using materials like barnstone, brick, block, and landscape timber. Retaining walls add some variety to your landscape design. They terrace sloped land, allowing for proper drainage and preventing erosion.

Boulder Walls

If you prefer a more pastoral landscape design, a boulder wall is a great addition. A boulder wall acts as a retaining wall, but brings a different aesthetic to your property. They are both durable and long-lasting.

Fire Pits

A backyard fire pit allows you to enjoy time outside in cooler weather. We can design a fire pit the perfect size for your space using durable materials that hold up through temperature fluctuations and changing seasons.

Custom Patios

Installing a custom patio gives you an even space for an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, or outdoor furniture. You can choose quality materials like pavers, bluestone, brick, or other aged stone to create the exact look you love. 

Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting

Low-voltage lighting is a cost-effective way to brighten your outdoor space as evening approaches. We install path lighting to allow you to walk around your property safely, motion-sensor lighting to boost safety, and spotlights to highlight focal points of your home or landscape. Outdoor lighting boosts safety and creates an inviting ambiance for relaxing and entertaining.


Drainage solutions help regulate excess water after heavy rain. Installing a French drain helps rain and snow melt flow to a more desirable location, avoiding erosion and structural damage. You can choose to install drainage as part of a new landscape design or add it to your existing landscaping. 

Garden Installation

Our landscape gardens use native plants to create a beautiful design that can withstand local weather patterns. Choose from a selection of flowers, shrubs, and other plants that grow well together to provide you with a lush garden with depth and texture.

Garden Ponds 

A garden pond adds visual interest to your garden design. It gives local pollinators and small animals a space to cool off and rehydrate. A garden pond is a great addition for homeowners who want to reconnect with nature right on their own property.

Innovative Companies provides landscape design and build services in Cleveland, Ohio, and nearby communities. Choose one design and build service to enhance your existing landscape design, or reach out to us to schedule a landscape design consultation for your commercial or residential property. 

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