Maintenance Services

Innovative Companies does more than landscape installations. We continue to care for your property all year long with our maintenance services. We tailor our maintenance plans to the needs of every customer.

Lawn Care Service

You can schedule lawn care at regular intervals to keep your grass at the perfect length and to prevent weeds from ruining the look of your landscaping. 

Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Pruning helps encourage healthy growth and reduces disease. The best time of year for tree and shrub pruning is typically in winter when the plants are dormant. Since plants bloom at different times of year, it’s vital that your landscaper knows the best time to prune each species to avoid cutting buds that will soon blossom. 

Bed Maintenance and Weed Control

Your landscape design requires regular maintenance to ensure it always looks as beautiful as it did on the day of install. Weeds are resilient and will grow in your flower beds over time. Our team will remove any existing weeds and apply weed killer to prevent them from returning. 

We will also apply fertilizer and other soil amendments to promote plant growth and prevent disease. 

Bed Edging

Edging creates a crisp line between the bed and your lawn. It protects flowers and shrubs from the lawn mower and keeps mulch in place. We use a variety of materials for bed edging, including metal, plastic, and stone options.


As temperatures climb, you may notice the soil in your flower beds is perpetually dry. Mulch helps the soil retain moisture. It also helps prevent erosion in rainy seasons and can inhibit weed growth. You can choose natural mulch options like wood chips or tree bark.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

When your lawn is overrun with fallen leaves and other debris, we can help. We offer spring cleanups to prepare your property for the upcoming warm weather. We also provide fall leaf cleanup to prevent fallen leaves from decaying as temperatures drop.

Tree Service

Trees can develop disease over time, and you may notice dead or dying limbs high above your head. Falling limbs can cause serious injury and property damage. Our tree service identifies and removes dead tree limbs to prevent future problems.

Gutter Cleaning

If your gutters are full of leaves, branches, and other debris, they can’t move water off your roof and away from your home. This could result in roof damage and even structural damage to your home. Our gutter cleaning service removes debris so your gutters will last longer and work as they should. 

Power Washing

If your sidewalk, fence, or roof looks dingy or overrun with moss and algae, you could benefit from scheduling power washing service with our team. Power washing provides an instant transformation to your exterior structures as it cleanses away the layer of dirt and filth that build up over time. In addition to improving visual appeal, power washing can help reduce repair costs over time.

Seasonal Color Installations

We provide seasonal color installation service to switch out flowers that fit the mood for every season. Some flowers thrive in summer, while others look the best in fall. Seasonal installations give your landscape a fresh look with thriving plants all year.

Firewood Service

Innovative Companies provides full-service firewood sales and delivery. We bring the amount of firewood you need right to your door and stack it in a safe place so it’s available for easy access all winter.

Brush Hogging

Areas of your property with thick foliage and shrubs need more than simple mowing to clear the area. Brush hogging clears denser areas, preparing your property for planting or construction. Brush hogging can clear out unwanted plants and make the land more inviting for flowers and shrubs as part of your landscape design.


Excavation levels the ground and removes any obstacles in the area. It prepares the property for construction or for professional landscape design. Excavating and grading can improve drainage and prevent erosion on your property.

Contact Innovative Companies to schedule one maintenance service or to create a comprehensive maintenance plan that boosts curb appeal.

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