You can choose the perfect plants in our landscaping nursery. Our team will deliver and install your plants as part of our landscape design services.

Expert Fertilization Services In Cleveland, OH

Healthy soil requires professional fertilization services to provide vital nutrients to your grass and landscaping all year long. We know the best types of fertilizer to use for the specific soil composition on your property, as well as the best time to fertilize for maximum results. 

Innovative Companies knows how to give your lawn and gardens exactly what they need to look their best, whether you’re fixing up a patchy yard or keeping your prized roses blooming. We don’t just dump chemicals and call it a day. We’re your trusted team for creating an outdoor space that’s vibrant, resilient, and beautiful year-round.

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We sell outdoor materials like mulch and stone aggregate to reduce erosion and provide the finishing touches to your landscape design.

Our Fertilization Services

When you reach out to us, we will take the time to learn exactly what you need. Our process includes the following: 

  • Soil Testing: We begin with a comprehensive soil analysis to determine the specific soil composition on your property.
  • Customized Fertilizer Blends: Based on the soil test, we create a tailored fertilizer mix for optimal results.
  • Seasonal Applications: We provide year-round care with strategically timed fertilizer treatments.
  • Organic Options: Eco-friendly fertilizers available for environmentally conscious clients.

Shrub and Tree Fertilization: Specialized treatments for your ornamental plants and trees.

Benefits of Professional Fertilization

Professional fertilization offers numerous advantages for your landscape. Here’s why investing in expert care can transform your outdoor space:

  • Lush, Thick Grass: Our treatments encourage robust root development and dense top growth. You’ll enjoy a carpet-like lawn that’s soft underfoot and resistant to wear and tear.
  • Vibrant Colors: Properly fertilized plants appear more vibrant. Your lawn will be a richer green, and your flowers will bloom with more intense, eye-catching colors.
  • Disease Prevention: Well-nourished plants are better equipped to fight off pests and diseases. This means fewer bare patches in your lawn and healthier, more resilient ornamental plants.
  • Natural Weed Control: Strong, healthy turf crowds out weeds naturally. By promoting vigorous growth of desired plants, we reduce the space and resources available for unwanted invaders.

Long-Term Landscape Health: Our balanced approach to fertilization ensures your soil and plants receive the right nutrients in the right amounts. This creates a sustainable, thriving ecosystem that improves year after year.

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Why Choose Innovative Companies?

  • Customized Solutions: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. Each fertilization plan is tailored to your specific soil type, climate, and landscape goals.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Innovative Companies offers organic options and uses low-impact application methods to protect local ecosystems.
  • Comprehensive Care: Fertilization is just one part of our holistic approach to landscape health. We integrate our services with overall lawn and garden care for best results.
  • Transparent Communication: Expect clear explanations of our processes, detailed service reports, and responsive customer support throughout our partnership.
  • Locally Owned, Community Focused: As a local business, we understand the unique needs of our area’s landscapes and are invested in beautifying our community.
  • Ongoing Education: Our team regularly participates in industry conferences and training to stay at the forefront of lawn care innovations.

Guaranteed Results: We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’ll make it right.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Materials

We’re dedicated to providing quality hardscapes that hold up over time. You can choose from a variety of natural stone to match your existing outdoor design. Our retaining walls, patios, and other hardscapes will last through changing weather patterns

Industry Knowledge

Our team has the training and the hands-on experience to provide everything you need to improve your outdoor space. Whether it’s a full landscape design and installation, custom hardscapes, or regular maintenance, we know how to get the job done.

Communication on Your Terms

When you reach out to us with a concern, we are here for you. Even if you contact us outside of regular business hours, we will answer the phone so we can continue to provide you with superior service in Northeast Ohio.



We have been working with Dom and his crew for over a year. They’ve done an amazing job maintaining our lawn and beds – they take care of it like its their own! I love that we don’t have to think about it. In addition to that they did a full back yard renovation for us this spring. From conception to completion it was a great process. He took care of the full approval process in our town, and the work has been high quality. We are so excited for our new backyard! Dom is an incredibly hard worker. He takes pride in everything he does, and his work ethic is unmatched. I can also say the same about his crew.

Erin Dacyczyn




Enjoy Vibrant Landscaping with Fertilization Services

Don’t settle for a garden that wilts from lack of nutrients. Our team can provide fertilization services to create a landscape that looks even better than you imagine.

Innovative Companies provides fertilization and other landscaping services in Cleveland, Ohio, and the surrounding communities. Fill out our online contact form or speak to us directly by calling us and learn more about how we can improve your outdoor space.

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