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Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance Services in Pepper Pike

Regular landscape maintenance helps you reclaim your weekends, giving you more time to relax instead of spending hours mowing and weeding. Additional maintenance, like pruning and trimming, can help your trees and shrubs avoid disease and pest infestation. Seasonal clean-ups remove fallen limbs and other debris from your yard to prepare for warmer weather.

Innovative Companies provides landscape design and installation as well as maintenance in and around Pepper Pike, Ohio. We help maintain your outdoor spaces through changing seasons, boosting curb appeal and increasing your property value.

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Scheduled Lawn Mowing

You can easily spend your entire weekend mowing, weeding, and edging your lawn. Reclaim your weekends and schedule regular mowing with Innovative Companies. Regular mowing is the best way to encourage even growth and to keep your grass at a specific length, even during peak season. 

Our team has the experience to spot early signs of disease or plant infestation during service. As soon as we notice a problem, we can apply soil amendments or take other measures to restore your lawn, avoiding bare spots or serious damage.

Lawn Aeration

Over time, your lawn can become compacted, preventing water and nutrients from reaching the roots. Aerating at least once per year loosens compacted soil, promoting healthy growth. In areas with heavy foot traffic, aerating twice per year is ideal.

Tree and Shrub Pruning in Pepper Pike, OH

Trees and shrubs need regular pruning to encourage healthy growth and to spot early signs of disease. Our team knows the right time to prune a variety of trees and shrubs to help them flourish and bloom at the right time. Removing dead or dying branches can prevent the spread of disease, which could quickly destroy your landscaping.

For dense trees, pruning is vital to help inner branches grow. Air and sunlight cannot flow freely through dense foliage, and you could end up with fallen branches after a storm. Pruning thins out the inner parts of the tree canopy, promoting healthy growth and boosting safety.

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Why Choose Us?

Quality Materials

We’re dedicated to providing quality hardscapes that hold up over time. You can choose from a variety of natural stone to match your existing outdoor design. Our retaining walls, patios, and other hardscapes will last through changing weather patterns

Industry Knowledge

Our team has the training and the hands-on experience to provide everything you need to improve your outdoor space. Whether it’s a full landscape design and installation, custom hardscapes, or regular maintenance, we know how to get the job done.

Communication on Your Terms

When you reach out to us with a concern, we are here for you. Even if you contact us outside of regular business hours, we will answer the phone so we can continue to provide you with superior service in Northeast Ohio.



We have been working with Dom and his crew for over a year. They’ve done an amazing job maintaining our lawn and beds – they take care of it like its their own! I love that we don’t have to think about it. In addition to that they did a full back yard renovation for us this spring. From conception to completion it was a great process. He took care of the full approval process in our town, and the work has been high quality. We are so excited for our new backyard! Dom is an incredibly hard worker. He takes pride in everything he does, and his work ethic is unmatched. I can also say the same about his crew.

Erin Dacyczyn




About Pepper Pike, Ohio

Pepper Pike, Ohio covers just 7.5 square miles. The city’s layout utilizes wide streets and ample green spaces, creating an open, relaxed feel for its nearly 7,000 residents. Adults and children alike can enjoy visiting the Orange Art Center to take an art class, and golf enthusiasts can visit Pepper Pike Club, ranked 97th in the U.S.

Education is a high priority in Pepper Pike. The city is home to Ursuline College, the oldest Catholic women’s college in the state. Notable residents include journalist George Stephanopoulos, radio host Matt Dery, and Seth Taft, grandson of President William Howard Taft.

Boost Curb Appeal With Professional Maintenance Services in Pepper Pike, OH

Without regular maintenance, your plants and lawn won’t reach their full potential. You may notice signs of disease or pest infestation. Areas of heavy foot traffic may become impacted and fail to thrive. 

Innovative Companies provides comprehensive maintenance services in Pepper Pike, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Quality landscaping needs regular care, and we have the tools and training to provide customized services for each of our clients. Fill out our contact form or call 440-252-1719 to schedule service or to learn more about how we can improve the health of your landscaping.

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