Discover the Power of Hydroseeding with Innovative Companies

Our hydroseeding service is a great option for properties that struggle to develop lush, full vegetation. While commonly used for lawns, hydroseeding is common to encourage wildflowers or reduce erosion.

The process uses a combination of seed, fertilizer, mulch, and water that our technicians spray onto the entire area. The uniform application promotes rapid growth and provides a uniform appearance to your residential or commercial property. 

Innovative Companies provides hydroseeding in Cleveland, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. You can schedule hydroseeding as a standalone service or along with our other landscaping services to create an outdoor space that boosts curb appeal and increases overall property value.

Benefits of Choosing Hydroseeding

There are several great reasons to choose hydroseeding as part of your landscape improvement plan. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Improved germination: Hydroseeding contributes to faster germination, which can help you see the results you want sooner than with typical seeding.
  • Uniform appearance: Since the seeds are distributed evenly along with fertilizer and mulch, you will enjoy an even appearance throughout the growth process.
  • Reduced erosion: Hydroseeding creates a strong bond between the seed and soil. As the seeds continue to grow, this bond reduces erosion from heavy rain and strong winds.
  • Customization: When you choose hydroseeding, you can customize the slurry mixture to suit your specific preferences. You can select the perfect seeds for your region, along with the types of mulch and soil amendments included in the mixture.

Identifying Areas for Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is a great option for many projects, but it won’t work for every property. Our team can help determine if hydroseeding is the best method for your needs Here are some factors to consider:

  • Soil conditions: The slurry of nutrients used in hydroseeding is a great addition to soil that is compacted or lacks nutrients.
  • Erosion risk: Areas prone to erosion don’t benefit from traditional seeding methods, because rainwater and wind can remove seeds before they have the chance to germinate.
  • Cover large areas: For larger areas, manually spreading seed is impractical. Hydroseeding efficiently covers large areas, making it a great option.
  • Access limitations: Some areas that need seeding are in remote locations or have rough terrain. Hydroseeding equipment is easier to transport than traditional equipment, providing thorough coverage, even in difficult areas.
  • Time management: Projects with a short turnaround time can benefit from the quick growth provided by hydroseeding.

When you meet with our team we will assess the property and help determine if hydroseeding is the right service for your needs.

Encourage Even Growth and Reduce Erosion

Hydroseeding is a great way to achieve the landscape you’ve always wanted. The even distribution of seeds, fertilizer, and mulch create the best possible circumstances for a lush lawn. You will see faster germination and less erosion over time with this method.

Innovative Companies provides hydroseeding along with other high-quality landscaping services in the Greater Cleveland area. Schedule service or learn more by filling out our online contact form or by calling:  440-537-7520.

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