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Custom landscaping by Innovative Companies

Custom Landscaping For Your Residential or Commercial Property

Professional landscaping services can make your drab lawn sparkle with thriving plants, custom hardscaping, and lush, green grass. Investing in high-quality landscaping and maintenance is the best way to make the most of your outdoor space. Whether you want to boost curb appeal, increase property value, or create a space to entertain friends, our team will work with you to create exactly what you need.

Innovative Companies provides landscape design and installation, maintenance, and a variety of additional services for Cleveland, Gates Mills, Pepper Pike, and the surrounding communities. We are a locally owned business that cares about making connections with every customer, starting with the first interaction.

Our Customer-First Approach

For every service we provide, our focus is the customer. We take the time to listen to you, learning every detail about how we can improve your outdoor space. Our number one goal is to provide great landscapes and even greater service.

We offer a complete range of services to design, install, and maintain your landscaping. If you need a simple yard cleanup to prepare for spring, or something more complex like grading and sloping, we are here for you. We aim to create a finished product that is aesthetically appealing and durable enough to withstand the test of time.

Tree planting service

Quality Landscaping Services Tailored Specifically For You

No two properties are alike, and we keep that in mind as we begin working with you. Professional landscaping and maintenance are an investment in your property, and we do everything we can to provide you with amazing results. Here are just some of the services we provide in and around Cleveland, Ohio:

We Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

You’ve heard the phrase, “read between the lines.” At Innovative Companies, we want you to do just that. We don’t limit ourselves to the services you see on our website. We provide everything you’ll see here, plus everything in between.

When you need the job done, we want you to come to us.

We know it’s not easy to find a team you can trust to do quality work for your residential or commercial property. Working with Innovative Companies for landscaping, hardscapes, and beyond, means you always have the same team on your property. The more work we do for you, the better we get to know the unique features of your property, allowing us to work more efficiently over time.

Custom Service On Your Schedule

We’re hard workers, and we know you are, too. It can feel impossible to schedule landscaping service when you spend weeks playing phone tag. That’s why we don’t limit ourselves to typical office hours. 

When you call us, we answer. 

Maybe inspiration struck while you were out walking your dog. Or, maybe you just didn’t have time during your day to take a moment to call us. Whatever the reason, we’re here for you after typical business hours. When you want to talk about your next project, we’re ready to listen.

How Can We Help You?

Design & Build

We start our custom design process with an in-person consultation to learn about the unique layout of your property and your specific preferences. From there, we work to create a comprehensive landscape design, from shaping the soil to encourage proper drainage, to installing flowers, shrubs, and other plants that will thrive on your property. 

Quality landscape design uses hardscaping in addition to flowers and shrubs to create visual appeal and reduce erosion over time. We design and install retaining walls, fire pits, and other custom hardscaping to suit your needs. Low voltage outdoor lighting along pathways adds to the perfect evening atmosphere and boosts safety as night falls.

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Planting Services

We choose the perfect plants for our region and the soil composition on your property. The plants we install depend on the property size, the amount of available light, and your design preferences. Choose from a variety of specimen plants, perennials, evergreens, or a combination to create the perfect landscape design.

After you select the perfect plants for your landscape, we begin installation. We will add fertilizer and other amendments as necessary to promote healthy root systems and full growth during the season. Applying a layer of organic mulch after planting adds to aesthetic appeal and can help prevent serious problems like soil erosion during heavy rainfall.

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We continue to care for your property even after we finish installation. Professional landscaping requires regular maintenance to maintain its beautiful appearance. Scheduled mowing keeps your lawn at a specific length all season, avoiding any HOA fines. Seasonal pruning of trees and shrubs promotes healthy growth and removes diseased branches, avoiding serious damage or plant death.

Our services aren’t limited to your landscaping. Over time, fallen leaves and other debris can clog your gutter system. We provide gutter cleaning to remove debris, preventing rust and roof damage over time. Schedule gutter cleaning along with power washing and seasonal yard clean-up to maintain both your landscaping and your home’s exterior.

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Outdoor Material Sales

Looking for materials for your next DIY project? We’ve got what you need. Visit our garden center to hand-select the perfect plants for your vision. Our team is happy to help you choose the best combination of native flowers, shrubs, and trees that are adapted to local weather patterns, helping them thrive through the changing seasons. After you finish selecting your plants, you can choose a top later to give your landscape design the finishing touch. Choose organic mulch to help the soil retain moisture, or choose stone for a weatherproof material that will last through heavy rain and snow.

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Farm & Estate Management

Large areas of land need special equipment for thorough and efficient care. We can remove overgrown brush, including small trees and shrubs with our brush hogging service. For farms and estates with large lawns, we provide one-time mowing, or scheduled mowing to encourage even grass growth and keep your lawn at a specific length through peak growing season. We even provide horse arena grooming to keep you and your horses safe. Daily use can cause uneven ground, which is dangerous for both humans and horses. Dragging the arena regularly prevents compacted areas that result in injury. We will help you determine how often you need to schedule arena grooming based on the number of horses using the arena regularly.

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Sports Field Maintenance

Your baseball, volleyball, or other sports field needs professional maintenance to remain in good condition and to prevent sports injuries. A level field is vital to keep players safe all season long. We can build a brand-new baseball field, from planning the layout to installing a drainage system. If your existing field is in poor condition, our renovation services can restore it to its original condition. Throughout the season, we provide maintenance services to prevent dirt compaction and to keep the grass at an acceptable length. Aerating the grass along with mowing helps strong root systems to form, encouraging even, healthy growth. Our team builds and maintains all types of sports fields.

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Grass, flowers, and other vegetation grow best on flat areas of your property. If grass and other plants fail to thrive in certain areas, hydroseeding is a great option. We use a mixture of seed, fertilizer, mulch, and water, applying it evenly throughout the area. This method gives the soil a boost of nutrients, creating the best possible conditions for even growth. Since the seeds germinate quickly and grow more evenly than with traditional seeding, you will notice less erosion over time. Hydroseeding is ideal for large areas where traditional seeding doesn’t make sense. It is also a good choice for hard-to-reach areas where traditional equipment cannot reach.

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Why Choose Us

Your landscape design is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your home or commercial property. Quality landscaping is an investment in the overall value of your property, and we keep that in mind throughout every project.


Hands-on experience

We have enough industry experience to complete service on time, even if obstacles come up along the way. Our team has the training and tools to provide services and create projects that look even better than you imagine.

Lasting relationships

Our commitment to thorough communications allows us to work with you through any problems that arise. We want to provide service that exceeds your expectations, with the intent of doing business with you in the future.

Complete Service

The main goal for all our customers is to provide the services you need, even if they aren’t listed on our website. Reach out to us and we will create a custom service plan for landscaping, maintenance, and beyond.

Recent Projects

Practical Solutions to Creative Concepts with Innovative Companies

Some customers reach out to us with a solid landscape plan in mind. Others just have an idea they want us to expand on. We look forward to hearing your ideas and creating something you will love.

After we complete installation, we continue our relationship with you by offering scheduled mowing, seasonal maintenance, and even firewood delivery. It’s not just about doing good work; it’s about forming a lasting connection with every customer.

To learn more about Innovative Companies or to schedule service, fill out our contact form. To speak with our team directly, call: 440-485-3470. We look forward to providing better landscapes and a better experience.

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