Farm and Estate Management 

We provide farm and estate management services to clear large areas of land and to maintain large lawns throughout changing seasons. Innovative Companies creates custom maintenance plans for care of your farm or estate.

Grading and Excavation

Landscape grading and excavation help create a functional and visually appealing outdoor space. Grading reshapes the terrain for proper drainage and erosion control, while excavation prepares the site by removing debris and contouring the terrain. Innovative Companies has the tools and training to provide grading and excavation services that lay the groundwork for features like patios and planting beds. 

Land Clearing

To prepare your farm for planting, containing livestock, or other uses, you may need professional land clearing. We use industrial equipment and dedicated techniques to clear large areas of land, even when they contain dense vegetation.

Brush Removal

Small trees and shrubs make up brush on land that has not yet been developed or used for farmland. We will remove all types of brush right down to the root to prevent regrowth in the near future. 

Brush Hogging

Brush hogging, also called field mowing, is an efficient way to clear large areas of land. A brush hogger can remove dense vegetation including small trees, stubborn vines, and invasive plants. 

Lawn Maintenance

We provide lawn maintenance for farms and large estates. Schedule a one-time mowing, or service at regular intervals so you know you are working with a skilled team who is familiar with your property.

In addition to mowing, we offer other lawn maintenance services including weed removal, fertilizing, and aeration. Our team can help create a custom lawn maintenance plan so your property looks well cared-for throughout the year. 

Arena Grooming

Over time, a horse arena can develop uneven ground due to horse hooves compacting the surface. Arena dragging levels out the arena floor, creating a safe space for humans and animals to use. How often you need to schedule arena grooming depends on the number of horses in the arena on a daily basis.

General Farm and Estate Projects

Need a project done that’s not on our list? Let us know! We are happy to provide customized service for your farm and estate needs. 

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